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Introducing David Zurborg, Physical Fitness Inspiration, Prom Date With Muscles and Great Hair

David Zurborg was one of my early inspirations to try to become more physically fit. David had a natural, healthy look and a great smile. His posing was better than many of the Mr. America crown holders and contenders of any era. If you are a newcomer to the physique models of the mid and late nineteen fifties, David is a great first date.

The still pictures on this site will not feature any adult content, although the models often have more daring photos available at other sites. David Zurborg was one of many models of his time who risked being arrested for posing in a pouch and for posing with rear nudity. Today David's physique pictures are considered tame and family safe. This is nostalgia with young muscles.

Good health without steroids was normal in the mid 1950s. A good diet, simple exercises for most people and instead of taking pills, it was common for people to take walks, evn up and down the stairs of tall buildings in the city. I used to do that and I encourage everyone to try using your muscles every chance you get. A look back at a tougher America with some smiling athletes who liked to look their best. This site is not for puritans. This is for anyone who might want a peek at what was prime male beauty in the vintage years of the 1950s and the early 1960s while pouches were being worn.

I will add videos and nostalgic still photos as I come across them.

David Poolside David was very relaxed and often smiling in his pictures. He was a college student who was able to handle his studies as he maintained his image as a famous model. The Physique World of David's time was a mix of hustlers and wealthy playboys and average young guys. David and Glenn Bishop and Mark Nixon seemed to be like modern college guys who were willing, if not anxious, to be part of the fame and glamour and risk of professional pouch and nude modeling. Definitely not bashful, David has left many great memories for those of us who are old enough to remember the beauty of going into any drugstore or newsstand or grocery store which had magazines where, side by side with Popular Mechanics or Reader's Digest, were the latest issues of Tomorrow's Man and Adonis and Physique Pictorial. Being a model for physique magazines was almost as respectable as being Mr. America. Muscles were held in high regard. In the fifties the muscles also had great faces and fabulous hairstyles. I think guys of the 1950s, whether they were physique models or office workers or movie stars, had the ultimate great looking style.

Tribute to David Zurborg

To David, wherever you are, thanks for being so brave and so beautiful. I think David could have made it in mainstream movies of the time, but I imagine he had other interests. For physical fitness fans and weight traing teens and older guys everywhere, this site is a tribute to David Zurborg. The unusual thing about David was that he was not a Mr America nor was he a famous New York coffee house poet who happened to be an activist. He seemed to be posing for the right reason, which is sharing a moment of physical attractiveness with the world and taking a risk of having your friends disown you. It was a much different time from today.

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